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Good food for good food lovers

Whether seasonal dishes, classics with a modern twist, game, asparagus, homemade cakes or simply a traditional Black Forest snack, our cuisine leaves no desire unfulfilled. Of course our wine cellar doesn′t disappoint either.
A taster, perhaps? Pick your favourites from a selection of our daily specials:

Wild mushroom soup
Salad bar
Succulent pork loin
in a creamy sauce served with fresh mushrooms and homemade egg spaetzle
Mango mousse
€  19,00

Baiersbronn soup with beef and chicken breast, spaetzle and vegetable chunks

€  4,90
Swabian potato soup with croutons€  4,20
Light bites
Carpaccio of beef fillet with olive tapenade,
pickled mushrooms, Parmesan shavings and a side salad
€ 11,80
Fitness salad bowl with various dressed salads,
leaf salads and strips of turkey breast
€  9,70
Pasta dishes, etc
Penne rigatte in Gorgonzola sauce
with grilled prawn skewer
€  11,50
Vegetarian option:
Ratatouille featuring stuffed courgettes
in tomato sauce with long-grain rice
€  12,00
Traditional Heselbacher Hof dishes
Wild game from the forest

Tender St. Hubertus roast venison in juniper cream served with pear with lingonberry, baby mushrooms and German noodles

€ 16,70
Smaller portion€ 13,70
Heselbacher fillet of alpine hare served medium rare in a piquant game sauce with baby mushrooms
and potato croquettes
€ 19,00
Pork dishes
Pork loin
in a piquant pepper sauce with fries
€ 14,50
The house speciality – Medallions of pork tenderloin covered in a creamy sauce with German noodles€ 16,50
Fish dishes
Our fish specials:
Norwegian fjord salmon
roasted in the egg sac
served on a bed of leeks with a piquant sauce and potatoes
€ 19,00
Smaller portion€ 16,00
Black Forest trout roasted in butter foam and served with almonds, herbs and boiled potatoes€ 16,50
Succulent roast veal
in a fine creamy sauce with homemade German noodles
€ 15,50
Smaller portion€ 12,50
Delicious poultry dishes
Grilled turkey steak
in a creamy sauce with homemade egg noodles
€ 13,50
Smaller portion€ 10,50
Medium-rare duck breast stuffed with apricots
in cassis sauce with potato croquettes
€ 19,50
Half a dozen Weinberg snails
au gratin with blue cheese and garlic sauce and toast
€  9,00
Mild smoked fjord salmon
with potato fritters and honey mustard sauce
€  9,30
Gourmet dishes
Fillet of pike-perch wrapped in bacon
served on creamed sauerkraut with potatoes
€ 19,70
Calves′ kidneys
gently fried in balsamic and mustard sauce with fried potatoes
€ 21,00
Pork tenderloin skewer
rolled and served on cheese noodles with a creamy sauce
€ 18,00
A Taste of the South – regional dishes from Baden-Württemberg
Braised shoulder of local venison
in a delicate, creamy juniper sauce served with pear with lingonberry, baby mushrooms, red cabbage and German noodles
€ 17,90
Beef roulade in Burgundy sauce
with mixed vegetables and parsley potatoes
€ 16,00
Swabian onion roast
in a creamy sauce with fried onions and German noodles
€ 17,20
Hearty dish for hikers – Mixed small grill steaks
served with herb butter, onions, bacon and sliced potatoes
€ 14,80
Murgtal sausage salad
with onions, pickled gherkins and bread
€ 6,50
Ham sandwich
with uncooked or cooked ham
€ 7,40
Mixed platter of cold meats
with bread and butter, finely garnished
€ 11,00
Russian-style eggs
Three and a half eggs served with meat salad and onion rings
€ 8,20
Two juniper smoked trout fillets
with creamed horseradish, toast and butter
€ 9,80
Iced chocolate mousse
with cherries
€ 5,40
Chocolate soufflé
with Suchard sauce and cream
€ 5,90
Ice cream
Mixed ice cream with cream €  3,15
Black Forest sundae
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cherries and
Black Forest kirsch
€  5,20
Heselbacher Hof sundae
with cherries, fruits, ice cream, egg liqueur
and cream
€  5,70
Vanilla ice cream
with hot raspberries and cream
€  5,40
Poire Belle-Hélène
Vanilla ice cream, pear slices and chocolate sauce
€  5,00