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Restaurant & Terrace

Come into the parlour and tuck in!


The farmhouse parlour always used to be at the heart of every farm. Nowadays, as in earlier times, it is synonymous with comfort and cosiness. Charming handmade decorations, atmospheric lighting, decoratively painted furniture, wood and warmth are the ingredients that keep this tradition alive. It is the ideal place for whiling away pleasant hours with your partner, for family celebrations or for conferences.


Is there truly anything better than good food and drink shared with friends in front of a roaring open fire? Well, perhaps retreating to our terrace and soaking up the view of the sunny Murg Valley, whilst thinking back on the hike you′ve just been on over a piece of homemade Black Forest gateaux.


For us good food begins with a good breakfast. We call it the farmhouse buffet, and that′s what it tastes like too. What follows can perhaps best be described as modern Black Forest cuisine. Modern because it′s creative, with interesting combinations of flavours, and Black Forest because it is lovingly prepared and cooked in the traditional way. Whatever ingredients our head chef Jochen Schneider uses, they are of the highest quality and sourced locally so they are always fresh. Definitely something to look forward to!

The Altschulzen Hof – make merry as they did in the good, old days


We want our guests to enjoy the exceptional atmosphere here and are gradually refurbishing the farm which has been empty since 2005. Events for up to 100 people are already held in the barn. Contact us for more details.

The history of the farm, one of the best preserved of its type in the Murg Valley, extends back to the 15th century. It was named in honour of the long-standing mayor of Heselbach, Johann Frey.