Holidays at the hotel with its own fitness studio

Keep fit in our own fitness room!

Our new fitness course room gives you the choice of a rich variety of free courses to take part in from Monday through to Friday.

Whether you want to do something about your weight, your mobility, or your stamina, our qualified Heselbacher Hof coaches will give you the benefit of expert advice, with plenty of fun and passion.
For equipment training, there is a separate designated fitness room.

Frau trainiert mithilfe des Wellnessteams im Fitnessraum im Hotel
Frau mach Yoga in der Natur im Schwarzwald im Wellnesshotel Heselbacher Hof
der Fitnessraum im Hotel Heselbacher Hof
der Fitnessraum im Hotel Heselbacher Hof
Aktive Frauen sporteln im Wasser für einen ausgeglichenen Wellnessurlaub im Schwarzwald
der Fitnessraum im Hotel Heselbacher Hof

Fitness & sports programme for holidays at the Heselbacher Hof

The sports sessions on offer change each day. We offer the following:

Water gymnastics

A holistic exercise session in water that targets and effectively trains your muscular system. Your blood circulation is stimulated, whilst protecting your joints.

Core training

Intensive training for your stomach and back muscles, involving all of your torso, strengthening your stomach, back, and core muscles, for a stable torso and strong back.

Relaxation courses

Make use of our varied programmes such as Stretch & Relax, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, or enjoy a deep dream state of relaxation and discover your inner balance.

Body workout

An intensive whole body training programme using your own body weight as well as various items of equipment. This is training in which stamina, strength, and agility are trained.

Fascia training

Find out more about fascias, how to train them, and their effects. Giving you better mobility and a pleasant sense of well-being.

Balance cushion training

A functional and varied training that concentrates on your balance and strengthens your core muscles, stabilising, and giving you strength.


Our yoga sessions are all about taking you with us, concentrate and focus on yourself again, and in doing so bringing your body, soul, and spirit into harmony.

Many other courses

Such as Pilates, yoga on a stool, stool gymnastics, and much more.

Indoor cycling

The perfect form of stamina training for all keen cyclists, accompanied by motivational music. Sweat, fun, and a great atmosphere are all part of this.

We have 7 Life Fitness ICG 7 bikes and a team of experts on hand to help you in our course room at the Heselbacher Hof.

Please note that indoor cycling training is not available in the peak summer season.

When taking part in our exercise and sports programme, please take account of your own physical condition and fitness level.
Please come to sessions wearing appropriate sports kit.

TRX / TRX-Yoga

Look forward to a really special form of training in our own fitness studio at the Hotel Heselbacher Hof.


TRX® is a highly effective whole body workout using a non-elastic harness system in which (in a standing or lying position) you use your own body weight to provide training resistance.

There are over 300 exercises to train every area of your body effectively, providing you with a particularly stimulating form of training. TRX has become recognised as one of the most effective forms of training in the world.


Using the TRX trainer, yoga can be extended further. By combining classic Yoga-Asanas with modern functional training exercises, a whole new type of training is created.

TRX-Yoga offers you a whole range of new possibilities. The targeted Yoga-Asanas make you either heavier or lighter. We recommend you try this for yourself at one of our training sessions.

What if you don’t like the idea of training in a group?

Of course, all of our course units can also be booked as individual sessions. Or you can simply book a personal trainer session.
Contact us. We look forward to offering you training that is tailored to suit your needs whilst on holiday at our 4* hotel with fitness studio.

Training session enquiry

Fancy something different?

Dive into the world of martial arts.

Martial art taster session at the Heselbacher Hof

Kickboxing offers a balanced all-round programme for your entire body.

The basic techniques such as block, punch, kick, dodge, and jump moves are put together and intensively trained, improving your physical fitness, stamina, coordination, and reaction times. It also stimulates your blood circulation and promotes the burning of fat, also with associated positive results.

A certain level of fitness is required for this training. Find out more from Jessica, who runs the course.

Self defence for women

This course is based on the roots of Shaolin Kung-Fu, the modern sport of kickboxing, and street self defence. There is theoretical as well as practical content. The course includes exercises for improving your self-confidence, body language, stance and voice, as well as exercises to improve your own reactions in the case of conflict, a short introduction to the legal side of emergency defence, and practical, simple to use techniques of self defence.

Individual session - max. 6 people in a group

Kids in Action

Holistic body training for children. The training sessions concentrate particularly on motor skills and sense of balance. In a playful way, discipline, command, and conscience for your own body are taught. Foundation elements from kung fu and self defence also form part of the training. This is an exercise session that is a lot of fun.

For children from 5 to 12 years.

Fitness room equipment

Stamina or weight training? There is something for everyone in our fitness room. Train on the latest Techno-Gym and Life Fitness top-quality equipment whilst on an active holiday in the Black Forest.

  • Running machine
  • Crosstrainer
  • Ergometer
  • Stepper
  • Rowing machine
  • Multigym
  • Dumbbell area
  • Kettle bells

Your active holiday in the Black Forest

at our wellness hotel with its own fitness studio

Enjoy active holidays at the Heselbacher Hof in Baiersbronn that are sure to be treasured as memories for a long time.
Stay fit & healthy enjoying hiking, cycling, yoga or fitness in the hotel.

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