Massages & beauty treatments

Pampering experiences at our 4* Wellnesshotel in the Black Forest

Enjoy extra special feelings of well-being and wellness holidays at the Heselbacher Hof and look forward to being pampered from head to toe by our expert wellness staff.

Let us make your stay into a really special experience with amazing treatments from all over the world and their careful delivery.

der Behandlungsraum im 4 Sterne Wellnesshotel Heselbacher Hof
der Wellnessbereich im 4 Sterne Hotel Heselbacher Hof in Baiersbronn
Ruhebereich vom Wellnesshotel Heselbacher Hof

Well-being packages for hotel guests

Experience the nature of the Black Forest

A vitalising mountain pine peeling treatment awaits, followed by an enjoyable fragrant whole-body massage with herb stamps, stimulating your metabolism. The next day, let your last tensions be released by a herbal body pack.

Please allow 2 days for these treatments.

Treatment time approx. 115 minutes – € 139

Perfect contours

The focus of this treatment is the upper thighs and bottom. This honing body treatment promotes drainage and the removal of water from tissue, visibly modelling, firming, and refining your silhouette. A select ritual to improve the elasticity of your skin.

To finish, float in the pleasant temperature on one of our waterbeds with a de-toxifying algae pack.

Please allow 2 days for these treatments.

Treatment time approx. 100 minutes – € 125

Schneider´s Hofbad ritual

Escape everyday life and relax. Let us pamper you with an amazing compilation of different textures, aromas, and massage techniques, a soothingly soft body peeling, and a whole body massage with vegan, individually selected care oil.

Intensive and relaxing massage techniques are used for your complete well-being.

Treatment time approx. 80 minutes – € 99

A man’s thing

Relaxation for stressed men

“The beauty of a man is his success” – Erich Kästner
Men need beauty breaks too and also enjoyed being pampered.

Facial treatment “just for men”

A carefully chosen combination of invigorating care and an energy-giving massage. This treatment cleanses and cares for your skin, giving it new energy. A soft facial cleansing, peeling, and purifying with minor eyebrow shaping, an energetic massage, and final care.

Treatment time: approx. 50 minutes – € 60

Man time

We pamper you with a dry natural brush massage followed by a remarkable massage using handcrafted birch wood. This releases tensions in your muscles whilst promoting the detoxification of tissue and activating lymph flow. The crowning finale is a relaxation session in the “Schwitzstüble” with a fresh wheat beer.

Treatment time approx. 70 minutes – € 89

Fresh feet

Relax with a lovely neck massage whilst taking a hop foot bath followed by a pedicure.

Treatment time approx. 50 minutes – € 60

Beauty treatments

“Pure naturalness” facial treatment

Pure precious ingredients ensure long-lasting effects for natural balance, bringing a fresh radiance to your skin. The treatment is tailored to suit the individual needs of your skin, using deep cleansing and special massage techniques to reach the deep tissue and connect the different layers by the movement of moisture.

This intensive treatment firms your skin and promotes your metabolism, giving you a more youthful and fresh radiance. Cleansing, soft peeling, eyebrow correction, deep cleaning, facial massage, neck and neckline massage, mask, final care.

Treatment time: approx. 60 minutes – € 79

Facial treatment “exclusive beauty”

An exclusive care bringing you perfect radiance. This care ritual provides you with a sense of deep relaxation together with a firmer, more youthful appearance. Your facial contours are firmed up with visible, and tangible lifting effects. Cleansing, soft peeling, deep cleaning, active ingredient ampoule, face mask, eyebrow correction, facial massage, neck and neckline massage, hand massage, final care.

Treatment time: approx. 80 minutes – € 99

Beauty specialities

à la JEAN D’ARCEL Cosmétique

For more than 50 years, the JEAN D’ARCEL cosmetic line has stood for top-quality, effective skincare and has been committed to deliver the perfect care for sustainable beauty. The high-quality products  that the beauty specialists at the Heselbacher Hof use are obtainable via the online-shop.

Facial treatment “Express lifting”

The quick and luxurious beauty maker. This lifts tired looking skin making it fresh and radiant, reducing small lines and wrinkles. Cleansing, peeling, mask, final care.

Treatment time: approx. 45 minutes – € 59

MicroSono-Behandlung – Skin renewal by micro-dermabrasion and untrasound

Experience a clearly “new” skin appearance thanks to micro-dermabrasion
A gentle form of skin removal and ultrasound for a fine-pored skin appearance, reducing the depth of wrinkles and improving the absorption of active substances.
Cleansing, enzyme peeling, intensive cleaning, micro-dermabrasion, skin-specific serum, daily care or sun protection.

Treatment time: approx. 60 minutes – € 80

Luxury treatment – Oasis of the senses

Immerse yourself in a wonderful world of aromas, soft sounds, and effective touches. Slow down with a facial and body treatment that has been exclusively developed for the Heselbacher Hof.

Begin this ritual with a sparkling fragrant experience for body and soul. A firming neckline and bust treatment visibly and palpably improves these areas of skin using the finest in Himalayan Salt, algae, and amaranth oil. The highlight is a premium facial massage using sand crystals (micro-abrasion) and ultrasound that works effectively deep into the skin layer. Cleansing, peeling, minor eyebrow correction, micro-dermabrasion, hyaluron extract, the use of ultrasound, cooling mask, special bust treatment incl. thermomask.

Treatment time: approx. 120 minutes – € 199

Optional extras for all facial treatments:

  • Eyebrow colouring € 10
  • Eyelash colouring € 12
  • Eyebrow & eyelash colouring € 20
  • Upper lip depilation € 10

Beautiful hands & feet

Hand care

Beauty manicure with hand peeling

approx. 45 minutes – € 50

Foot care

Beauty pedicure with foot bath

approx. 45 minutes – € 50

Herb garden

Relaxing foot bath with herbal extracts, foot massage, peeling, and pedicure

approx. 60 minutes – € 60

Nail varnish

We will happily use varnish (incl. coloured lacquer) to follow a hand or foot treatment. You can also take your chosen varnish back home with you after your treatment.

approx. 10 minutes – € 10

Massages & body treatments

Using local organic produce from nature around us

New energy, better mobility, and relaxed muscles are the results of these treatments. Targeted deep muscular massage techniques are used in an intensity that suits you and helps your muscles become more supple and efficient. Providing your body with a powerful, beneficial feeling.

Back, neck, and shoulder massage

approx. 25 minutes – € 38

Back and leg sports massage

Using original Zechstein magnesium oil

approx. 40 minutes – € 59

Whole body massage

Choose your natural fragrance from our oil bar

approx. 50 minutes – € 69

Hot stone massage

Hot oil used in combination with the heat of basalt stones form the foundation of this Indian ceremony. The stones have a high iron content giving them a particularly high capacity for heat retention.

Whole body approx. 70 minutes – € 85
Back approx. 30 minutes – € 45

Natural birch wood whole body massage

A remarkably powerful massage using hand-crafted birch wood sticks to reduce tensions in your muscles and promoting the detoxification of tissue. The result is improved mobility and a smoother skin. The flow of lymph is also activated.

Treatment time: approx. 50 minutes – € 75

Natural brush massage followed by care oil

This treatment was carried out in monasteries as long ago as the early Middle Ages. It stimulates your metabolism, firms up your tissue and improves circulation.

Treatment time: approx. 30 minutes – € 39

Classic cup massage using Kautschuk cups

Detoxifying, releasing, and stimulating your metabolism

Whole body treatment time: approx. 50 minutes – € 69
Back treatment time: approx. 25 minutes – € 38

Whole body ayurvedic massage

Indian ayurvedic massage with meditative massage movements and herbal spice oils

Treatment time: approx. 75 minutes – € 105

Hot stamp massage with natural herbs

Back and nape of neck

Treatment time: approx. 30 minutes – € 45

Caring body treatments

Body peeling

Dead skin cells are effectively removed using the finest in sea or base salt.
Ideal as preparation for a subsequent treatment, or simply as a means of activating the regeneration of your skin.
Select a natural fragrance of your choice from our oil bar.

Treatment time: approx. 30 minutes – € 40

Body packs

Relax on a warm waterbed with a caring body pack

  • Algae detoxification pack
  • Fragrant oil cream pack
  • Vegan chalk pack –

For allergy-sensitive or neurodermitic skin

Treatment time: approx. 30 minutes – € 40

Bath pleasure for 2

Enjoy a perfect temperature bath for 2 in our whirlpool bath.
In romantic candlelight with a little tasty snack and a fruit cocktail, escape from the stress of everyday life for a while.
Choose your own type of bath: spruce, honey, or orange herbal bath

Treatment time: approx. 40 minutes – € 86 for 2 people

Well-being programme for “him & her”

You can also find our complete range of massages and beauty & wellness treatments in our beauty folder.

Beauty folder 2022 download

Beauty folder 2023 download

Useful information

about the massages & beauty treatments at the Heselbacher Hof

Wellness reception & booking appointments

Our friendly wellness reception staff are on hand to assist with our comprehensive range of beauty treatments you from 10:00 to 19:00. Treat yourself to a lovely facial or body treatment given by one of our expert masseurs or beauticians.

If you have any questions for requirements concerning your treatment appointment, you can contact our wellness team directly.

Please book your well-being treatments at the same time as making your room booking so that we can meet any requirements you may have.


Cancellations up to 24 hours prior to your treatment do not incur any charge.

For appointments that have been booked but are not made use of, a charge of 75% is payable.

How the appointment and treatment times work

Please register at the wellness reception before your treatment. You will be collected here by the person providing your treatment.

The advertised treatment times include any appropriate rest times, showering, and time for getting changed.

If you do not arrive for your appointment on time, the duration of your treatment will be reduced appropriately.

Make-up, jewellery, & clothing

Please come to your treatment wearing no make-up. Similarly, please remove any jewellery before your treatment commences.

We recommend coming to your appointment wearing a bathrobe. You are usually unclothed for treatments. To respect your privacy, there are disposable slips available.

Please wear only a bathrobe when entering the sauna, pool, and treatment areas.

Health complaints

When making an appointment, please let us know of any health concerns or illnesses you may have, or if you are pregnant.

Some massages & treatments are not recommended if you are pregnant or suffer from thrombosis.

When making your appointment, please also let us know of any allergies and intolerances.

Secure your desired appointments for massages or beauty treatments

After an active day of holiday in the Black Forest, enjoy relaxing with a massage or beauty treatment.
Arrange your desired appointment in good time, preferably before your arrival.

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